How To Sell Your House in Waxahachie Without Spending Any Money On It

Sell A House in Waxahachie Without Sinking Any Money Into It

Tired of owning a property that you don’t even want, or can’t afford? Listing it on the MLS can be very expensive and take more of your time than you plan on spending. In our latest post, we show you how you can sell your house fast in Waxahachie without sinking any money into it, in less time than you thought possible!

When most people decide to sell their house, the first step they take is search the internet for a real estate agent, or perhaps ask a friend if they know of a good agent. Sometimes these agents are great, but this isn’t always the best way for you to sell your house. For some people looking to sell in Waxahachie, selling as-is directly to a local home buyer can be the best way to go.

Before deciding how to sell, it is best to get the facts and determine the best way to sell your house based on your specific situation. After factoring in time, money, energy, and stress, your ideal selling method might be different than you originally thought. First, let’s take a look at what listing your house in Waxahachie could cost you.

What Will Listing My Waxahachie House Cost?

Listing a house in Waxahachie on the MLS can come with a lot of costs that people aren’t always aware of. A few of these costs include…

  • Costs to make repairs both before and after the inspection process
  • Expenses to clean and stage the home for property showings and open houses
  • Marketing expenses not included with your listing (virtual tours, professional photography, etc.)
  • Holding costs while the house is on the market and through the escrow process
  • Closing costs which can amount to 1-3% of your final sale price
  • Agent commissions which are typically around 6% of your final sale price

According to NerdWallet, you should plan on spending at least 10% of the final sale price on the costs of listing your home. So if your house ends up selling for $250,000, that is $25,000 right from the start. That said, your costs could be higher or lower depending on the property and situation and your agent’s negotiating skills. It is essential for home sellers to understand these costs, so they know exactly what to expect when selling a house in Waxahachie.

How To Sell Your House Without Spending Money

There are a couple of ways to sell your house in Waxahachie without spending any money. You can either list your house as-is on the MLS or work with a direct buyer to purchase your property outright without the help of an agent. For many homeowners in Waxahachie, one of these alternative options can prove to be a better way to sell your house.

Listing Your Waxahachie House As-Is

Some owners choose to list their house in “as-is” condition. This does make things less expensive for the sellers. Although you can sell your house as-is on the Waxahachie

Selling your house directly to Burnson Homes LLC will help you avoid all the listing costs. When we buy houses, we don’t ask you for repairs, and you won’t have to pay any holding costs, commissions, closing costs, or anything else. In fact, you won’t have to spend any money at any time during the sale. Burnson Homes LLC will give you an offer without any worry of deductions or hidden fees. While our price isn’t full retail, the amount you can save could more than make up the different. And that’s not even factoring in the time and stress you could save yourself.

Why Sell As-Is?

So why would you want to sell your house as-is in the first place? Wouldn’t fixing up the property add value, thus creating higher returns? In a perfect world, yes. However, when listing your house in Waxahachie, you won’t have any guarantee that your repair costs will translate to a higher sales price. Fixing up your home can be a gamble. While it can add value in some cases, sinking money into a house you would rather sell can prove to be a poor use of your funds. By selling as-is, the buyer assumes the risk and you will be able to put your money into your new property, not the one you want to get rid of.

Are you ready to sell your house in Waxahachie? Before you hire an agent in Waxahachie, find out what we can do for you! You don’t have to list your house in order to sell it!

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